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5 Easy Steps to a 504 Loan


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Gather documentation

BSF will provide a list of items needed to complete the loan application and analyze the loan request.

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Loan approval

Once the 504 loan is approved by BSF’s loan committee and SBA, SBA will issue a written agreement that outlines the terms and conditions under which the 504 loan can be funded.


Lender financing

The lender provides a permanent loan and an interim loan for the business to acquire and/or improve the property while BSF works through the 504 closing process with the lender and business.


SBA 504 loan funding

The 504 loan will fund following the schedule set by SBA and will replace the lender’s interim loan when the project is complete or the equipment purchased.

25-Year 20-Year 10-Year
5.12% 5.06% 4.93%

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