b'Big Sky Economic Development Corporation Allocation of ResourcesSTATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITIONJUNE 30, 2021 AND 2020 Preliminary BSED REVENUEFY22 BudgetMemberASSETS20212020 Investment 7.09%SBDC/R31 5.08%CURRENT ASSETS Mill/Health.$1,642,880Cash and cash equivalents $1,866,972$1,702,901VBOC300,000PTAC760,473 BusinessAccounts receivable 39,15261,184Business Finance728,746 FinancePledges receivable 27,000-Member Inv.285,000 Mill/Health18.13%Prepaid expenses 2,4718,276SBDC/R31204,150 Levy 40.88%Current portion notes receivable, net 133,450111,629EPA-Brownelds.47,500Other.50,000 Total current assets 2,069,0451,883,990Total$4,018,749VBOC 7.47%NON-CURRENT ASSETS EPA-Brownelds 1.18%N C M N EE N G D Y E TW U I M U L B P I C S N S V E R U T I V T S C O B M H N T O E U R S E T S N R W M O E S S I I E E R E S Allowance for Loan Losses (21,626) (21,934)Notes receivable, net of current portion 947,833985,079PTAC 18.92% Other 1.24% Total assets. 2,995,2522,847,135 LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS BSED EXPENSESFY22 BudgetCURRENT LIABILITIES Community DevelopmentAccounts payable and accrued liabilities 23,11814,200$401,942Due to related party 62,34157,548(15%)Deferred revenue . 39,67435,811Total current liabilities 125,133107,559BusinessRecruitment$222,570NET ASSETS (9%)Without donor restrictionsDesignated 732,555740,311BusinessGrowth ServicesUndesignated . 2,003,1711,949,502$2,026,921 Total without donor restrictions . 2,735,7262,689,813(76%)With donor restrictions . 134,30349,763Total net assets . 2,870,0292,739,576Big Sky Economic Development successfully leverages tax payer dollars nearly Total liabilities and net assets . $2,995,162$2,847,135 3:1The Notes to Financial Statements are an integral part of these statements.A copy of our audited financial statements is available upon request.13 BIG SKY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BIGSKYECONOMICDEVELOPMENT.ORG'