b'R I A D E L E E , R B G B M A T C K L R R A N U N S R R I E E R L T U B P E E E E N SINVEST M U N I T YI N O U R C O MWHY IS BSED CREATINGWHY FOCUS ON A SPACE FOR ENTREPRENEURS? ENTREPRENEURSHIP?Creating a community and place thatMost of the net new jobs in the local entrepreneurs can call home U.S. are created by new companiesInvesting in locally grown businesses Innovative companies attract young,their success drives our communitys intelligent talent through high-paying,economic success meaningful workProviding a unique, vibrant, inclusive Entrepreneurs brings innovation andenvironment for entrepreneurs prosperity to the Billings economyInvesting in downtown redevelopmentEntrepreneurs are willing to take the and re-energizing an underutilized facility risks necessary to revitalize abandonedExponentially increasing public exposure neighborhoodsand engagement with BSEDINTERACT T E R A C T I NH O W Y O U C A N I NT H E R O C K 3 1 C O W O R K I N G S P A C EWE ARE BUILDING A THRIVINGENTREPRENEURIAL ECOSYSTEM IN BILLINGSConceptual Design We are building a coworking community designed for entrepreneurs,freelancers, and creatives.We help new business owners start and grow their companies through connections to experienced mentors, our expert network, business counseling, training and startup events, accelerator programming, and access to financial resources.HOW CAN I INTERACT WITH THE COWORKING SPACE?The coworking space will include hot desking, reserved desks, private offices, meeting rooms, large training room, and content creation room.A Rock31 membership is not required to use coworking or meeting spaces. Hourly rates are available. However, a membership provides better value and access to member-only events.ANNUAL REPORT2021 4'