b'R I A D E L E E , R B G B M A T C K L R R A N U N S R R I E E R L T U B P E E E E N SB U I L D I N G E X T R AO R D I N A R YO P P O R T U N I T I E S I NE X T R AO R D I N A R Y T I M E SFor the last six years BSED has themed its work Building Remarkable, referringto a vision that inspires our daily work. It is our goal that our expertise, programs, projects, and leadership contribute to the collective endeavor to build a truly remarkable community. This year we want to shift focus a bit by highlighting entrepreneurs. These inventors and founders, who daily activate their dreams through business ventures, contribute to a strong economic foundation for Yellowstone County. We call these entrepreneurs remarkable builders because they leave us such an important legacy. We know from experience, and data, that it takes a remarkable builder to buildE X T R A O R D I N A R I LYa remarkable, growing, quality community. The overwhelming majority of new job creation comes from these builders. Data also supports the premise that successful entrepreneurs take ownership in and are part of driving the success of their communities. It is a powerful partnershipcommunities + entrepreneurs. Communities need successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs need, and therefore foster, quality communities. Over the last 20 months we have all experienced more than a few challenges, yet weve persevered and succeeded in many ways. I would argue that our current economic growth and community development successes are being led (in large part) by strong, innovative, local entrepreneurs.This is why you see BSED investing in entrepreneurship development and support in unique ways. We will certainly continue our work in key community development projects and new business recruitment, but through our Business Growth Services and Rock31 programs you are now seeing investment and strategies designed to help cultivate the next generation of remarkable builders. This work will help to further diversify and strengthen our economy and will build-up the character and quality of our community.Please reach out to me directly (stevea@bigskyeda.org) if you have questions or want to think out loud togethermaybe about supporting entrepreneurship or the development of our community. Also, check out our Lets Rock capital campaign at bigskyeconomicdevelopment.org/letsrock for specific information on the Rock31 center for entrepreneurship STEVE ARVESCHOUG powered by a team of entrepreneurs, BSED and key community partners. Executive Director406.256.6871T H A N K YO U A N D TA K E C A R E stevea@bigskyeda.orgANNUAL REPORT2021 2'