b'July 1, 2020June 30, 2021 CLIENTS SERVED:1,500+ EDUCATE/INSPIRE:35 TRAININGS WITH 399 ATTENDEES$8,279,230100% coverage of 12 Boots to Business Trainings for 175 transitioningCAPITAL INFUSION:service members and/or military spouses.For the first time, most of these trainings were delivered virtually due to Covid restrictions.23 Reboot and other training sessions for veterans and military spouses across our region. This is a 27% increase in training 60trainings,663participants compared to last program year.CONNECT:599 COUNSELING SESSIONS WITH BIG SKY TRUST FUND: 182 VETERANS AND/OR MILSPOUSES IN OUR REGION 19 Grants$1,263,435Represents a 76% increase in counseling compared to our last program yearOUTREACH:801 INDIVIDUALS AT 98 MEETINGS AND EVENTSM M N EE N D M Y E TW U I U N C G E P I C S N S V R C U T I V T S B L O B M T E S R U S E O T W N H R S O E N S I S E E R E I B U S I N E S SS E R V I C E SSponsored MT HOSA (Future Healthcare Professionals) SUMMER INTERN LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE PROGRAM virtual conference334 students attended from across Montana. 12 interns from 7 different organizations Partnered with the Community Development department to host Weekly networking with community leaders our first virtual Better Off in Billings week600 + Attendees. Completed the Gallup BP 10 Assessment & intro courseHosted BSED team and Member Investors for a DevelopmentCounsellors International (DCI) Talent Attraction webinar Conducted 5 Instagram Live interviews withBetter Off in Billings AmbassadorsUtilized a portion of the Social Services Nonprofit Grant(from the State of Montana Coronavirus Relief Funds) to create 3 talent attraction videos focused on Healthcare, Billings Career Opportunities, and Billings Lifestyle5 BIG SKY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BIGSKYECONOMICDEVELOPMENT.ORG'