b'COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS FOR FY JULY 1, 2020JUNE 30, 2021Number of interactions 1,121 TOTAL GRANT FUNDS REQUESTED: TOTAL GRANT FUNDS AWARDED:via Interlocal Agreement:$2,509,500 $2,386,000Number of proposals submitted this year:11 This included grants we have had a hand in preparing and/or submitted on behalf of the county and other organizations and our US EDA building grant.U C M N EE N D M Y E TW U G L E B P I C S N S V I R U T I V T S C O B R H N T O E S U R S E T N N S E M W M O E S S I I E E R Organizational and 40+Committee Partnershipsin Yellowstone County: D E V E L O P M E N T7 BIG SKY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BIGSKYECONOMICDEVELOPMENT.ORG'