b'Big Sky Economic Development Corporation Allocation of ResourcesSTATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITIONJUNE 30, 2022 AND 2021 PreliminaryBSED REVENUEFY23 BudgetASSETS20222021 MemberInvestment 6.85%SBDC/R31 CURRENT ASSETS 5.65%Cash and cash equivalents . $1,525,646$1,866,972Mill/Health$1,721,966Accounts receivable . 51,70039,152VBOC300,000Pledges receivable 79,10027,000PTAC652,809 BusinessPrepaid expenses 2,5452,471Business Finance.762,467 Mill/HealthFinanceCurrent portion notes receivable, net . 161,594133,450Member Inv.282,000 Levy 41.81% 18.51%SBDC/R31.232,540 Total current assets . 1,820,5852,069,045 EPA-Brownelds.166,667Total$4,118,449N E E A E U S N O T N R E S U V E E I D S N S I O M N M E S B R T L Y M D N E WN M I I L T E U B D V I & T U C S G S N G C I P I NNON-CURRENT ASSETS Allowance for Loan Losses . (23,856) (21,626) VBOC 7.28% Notes receivable, net of current portion 1,263,018 947,833Total assets3,059,7472,995,252 EPA-Brownelds 4.05%PTAC 15.85%LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETSCURRENT LIABILITIES23,118BSED EXPENSES Accounts payable and accrued liabilities 47,411 Due to related party . 59,23062,431FY23 Budget Deferred revenue 13,28639,674Total current liabilities . 119,927125,223Community Development$429,986NET ASSETS (15%) Without donor restrictionsDesignated 1,435,140732,555BusinessUndesignated 1,288,5172,003,171RecruitmentTotal Without Donor Restrictions 2,723,6572,735,726$161,374(7%) With donor restrictions . 216,163134,303 Business Total net assets . 2,939,8202,870,029Growth Services Total liabilities and net assets $3,059,747$2,995,252 $2,180,604(79%)The Notes to Financial Statements are an integral part of these statements.A copy of our audited financial statements is available upon request.13 BIG SKY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BIGSKYECONOMICDEVELOPMENT.ORG'