b'B O L A G U I L D I N E H R E M A R K B E T G T E R226 CLIENTS1089 HOURS OF COUNSELING CAPITAL INFUSION:$6,239,57515 BUSINESS STARTSJune 30, 2021July 1, 2022 When you have a dream that you have thought about for most of your life, you never really know you can achieve it until you step past fear and go for it! The Small Business Development Center gave my husband and I the necessary tools to get past the fear, dive into the numbers, and they surrounded us with an amazing group of talented people to support our dream of owning our own restaurant.- Jen Marble, Owner of Marble Table When Jessyca and I found out about the opportunity to purchase a little sawmill/ woodshop in Billings, Montana we knew we could run it and make it a hit, but we didnt know how to buy it. Or if our ideas would even work. Jessyca and I didnt have a ton of extra money to purchase the project so we decided to go to the Big Sky Economic Development for help. They provided us with the tools we needed and funding ideas to get our project off the ground. More importantly they provided us with some necessary business tools to stay on top of our business and its growth. As we grew there were many questions in all areas of the business and Big Sky Economic Development was always there for help along the way. They have been an incredible resource for Jessyca and I and we look forward to working with them in the future! Nick Chiasson, Montana Custom Millwork A D V I S I N G & L E N D I N GEDUCATE/INSPIRE: 34 TRAININGS WITH 437 ATTENDEES 100% coverage of 12 Boots to Business Trainings for 161 transitioning servicemembers and/or military spouses at the three Air Force Bases in our region. 22 Reboot and other training sessions for any veteran and military spouse in our region.CONNECT:541 COUNSELING SESSIONS WITH 173 VETERANS AND/OR MILITARY SPOUSES IN OUR REGIONOUTREACH:1,283 INDIVIDUALS AT 74 MEETINGS AND EVENTSANNUAL REPORT2022 6'