b'HIGHLIGHTS R E T G T E B K R A M E H E N I D L I U G A L O R BPROJECTCoulson Park Tax Abatements Raised $250,000 locally toward 11 Active Abatements in$250,000 NDRP matching grant Yellowstone County and Billings Total payroll of all businesses Brownfields participating in abatement program 3 property assessments completed $126,700,990 2 Targeted Brownfield Total capital investmentsTechnical Assistance Awards$410,831,042SUCCESS STORYBrownfield Project: BSED utilized US EPA grant funds to conduct Phase I and II Assessments on a 5-acre parcel in East Billings. Upon the successful completion of the Assessments and reporting, Rimrock Foundation purchased the property and will invest $24 MM to develop their new campus.Space2Place MicroPlacemaking Grant Program 6 new Community Projects awarded funding in Yellowstone CountyANNUAL REPORT2022 8'