b' Helped innovative Billings-based companies secure$425,000of private investment and working capital. Hosted56 entrepreneur trainingsand collaboration events. Produced and released a documentary showcasing Montana basedU E E A E U S N O T N R E S U V E E I D S N S I O M N M E S N B R T L Y M D N E WN M I I L T E B D V I & T U C S G S N G C I P I Nentrepreneurs called, Edge of the Plains. We then coordinated andhosted a theater roadshow throughout central and southeast Montana.The film has now been seen by over 2,000 people. Renovated the Montana National Bank building in preparation for the Rock31Business Incubator, Accelerator and Coworking Space.3 BIG SKY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BIGSKYECONOMICDEVELOPMENT.ORG'