Enter your project cost and loan rates to determine your estimated monthly payments.

Bank Loan $0.00 50%
SBA Debenture Amount $0.00
SBA Reserve Guaranty Fee $0.00
Funding Fee $0.00
CDC Processing Fee $0.00
Legal Fee $2,500.00
Underwriting Fee (approx.) $8.00
Total SBA Fees Financed $2,000.00
SBA Gross Debenture(rounded up to nearest thousand) $2,008.00

Estimated Monthly Payments

Bank Loan $0.00
SBA Loan $0.00
Total Monthly Payment $0.00

Current SBA 504 Interest Rates

25-Year 20-Year 10-Year
6.56% 6.66% 6.91%
The above is our best estimate with the information currently available.
This form provides purely ESTIMATED costs. Final rates will not be locked in until the financing is secured.
This is not a commitment to lend.
** Total Debenture has been rounded to the next thousand. The remainder will be remitted to the Borrower