BSED Building Artist Feature: Clinton Lesh, the Bison

Featured on the first floor of the BSED building in Rock31 September 2022 – January 2023, is the metal sculpture of a bison mount, designed and built by Clinton Lesh. We invite you to stop by our space to come in and see this striking piece of art in person, in addition to the other art featured in our building.

About Clinton

Clinton Lesh was born and raised on a ranch in the small and beautiful town of Ekalaka, Montana. From a young age, he witnessed how the hands of a man through agriculture could shape the often inhospitable elements of the Montana landscape. He has adapted the tools and materials once used to build a barb-wire fence into a new form. Inside Clinton’s sculptures you will find Western Spirit, untamed. His upbringing is a key factor in the inspiration and the subject of his artwork. The source of his inspiration comes from the profound beauty of the natural landscape and animals as well as the agriculture that surrounded him growing up. The idea of taking materials from the earth, molding them, harnessing their power, to create something beautiful produces a feeling like no other. This feeling, this power, is what drives Clinton Lesh to create.

While attending Montana State University, Clinton expanded and honed in his unique abilities by obtaining a Studio Arts Degree. Upon graduating, Clinton Lesh found a well known metal sculptor named Jim Dolan to be his mentor. It was here that Lesh’s true skillset was unfolded and brought to the next level.

Working with primarily steel, fire, acid and using a vast array of tools, Clinton can take the raw materials, deconstruct and rearrange them to ultimately create something, an idea, a story. Primarily focusing on small scale work in the past, Lesh has decided to divert his attention to larger scale projects and expanding his knowledge of different materials and techniques. In his pursuit of being an artist, craftsmanship is a skill that he will always be striving to uphold. Putting in the time and fine detail into his work that can be appreciated by all. Clinton Lesh strives to represent agriculture and wildlife in a positive light.

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