BillingsWorks Employee Engagement Through Change Mini-Series

BillingsWorks continues to serve you and your workforce needs. And, we understand you may have different and more urgent needs due to the uncertainty and change we are currently facing. As such, we have gathered three workforce experts, Karen Baumgart Miller, Karen Grosz and Zen Parry to create a video mini-series providing information, resources, and best practices on how you can keep your team engaged and productive through times of change.

4.15.2020 – Stabilize 

4.16.2020 – Change

4.17.2020 – Control 

4.20.2020 – Give

4.21.2020 – Learn

4.22.2020 – Achieve 

5.4.2020 – Katy Easton, Downtown Billings Alliance

5.5.2020 – Austin Trunkle & Becky Rogers, BSED