Contract Opportunity: Dental Laboratory Services – Billings & Laurel

Sources Sought Dental Labs

This is NOT a solicitation or request for quote (RFQ). This is NOT a request for proposal (RFP). This is NOT a job advertisement for hiring employees. The VA is seeking QUALIFIED VENDORS to provide a very brief response to this notice including only just what is asked for in this notice below. This is sources sought notice to industry and the only information is posted on Contract Opportunities web page at Sources sought means seeking qualified vendors.

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If your company is interested please read this notice entirely and submit the required information, as requested herein.

VA is seeking qualified vendors who have interest and capability of performing SAME-DAY DENTAL LABORATORY SERVICES in BILLINGS, MONTANA, for the VA Dental Clinic in Billings, MT, as part of the Montana VA Health Care System. Delivery to the VA Clinic is required. Same-day services include ad hoc requirements, as needed, for items 1) through 5): 1) Dentures (full standard, either the top set or bottom), 2) Immediate dentures (The surgical templates must be the immediate dentures.), 3) Relines, 4) Mouth guards/splints (e.g. Traditional occlusal guard), and 5) Repairs of damage appliances (may include broken dentures, places teeth, broken clasps).