Featured: Billings Founders, Josh Toenyes and Jessica Baldwin – Cardsetter

Featured: Billings Founders, Josh Toenyes and Jessica Baldwin, providing the best website experience for optimal creativity in a fraction of the time.
Before starting Cardsetter, Josh & Jessica worked together at a web development agency. Jessica had founded Billings365 and was looking for the best possible way to design the website that was user friendly and worked for mobile devices just as well as PCs. Josh and Jessica wanted to create the best possible website experience for both admin and audience and came up with Cardsetter.
When starting their journey with Cardsetter, Josh and Jessica faced the struggles that many entrepreneurs face. They were a small team with limited amounts of three key resources: time, capital, and customers. With their stubbornness and pure refusal to fail, however, Josh and Jessica kept pushing and have created a successful website design platform.
An online business like Cardsetter can exist anywhere in the world, but Josh and Jessica feel a connection to Montana that keeps them here. Both Josh and Jessica know that the Billings community allows for small businesses to thrive. Billings holds so much potential for new startups and shows continued love and support to its existing small businesses.
Josh and Jessica hope to see Cardsetter grow as large as possible. One day this Montana-based company hopes to be at the top of the list with the biggest website design companies in the world. With support from existing customers throughout the nation and networking groups like the Rock31 Founders group, Josh and Jessica know Cardsetter can reach the top of the leaderboards.
To aspiring entrepreneurs Josh and Jessica suggest getting out and start talking to people. Making connections, finding resources, and expanding your idea are key to the success of your start-up. Additionally, Josh and Jessica advise that “it takes a lot of grit” to start a business, and that getting it wrong is only part of eventually getting it right.
For more information on Cardsetter, visit: cardsetter.com