Featured: Jacob Troyer, Founder of PageLess

Featured: Billings Founder, Jacob Troyer, easing the common student struggle of finding and purchasing textbooks, e-books, and access codes. Read more about Jacob & PageLess below!
Jacob started his entrepreneurial journey while he was still a student at Rocky Mountain College and working at the library on campus. Jacob had identified that the financial burden all college students face of buying textbooks is a significant problem that needed a solution. He wanted to help alleviate that financial burden and create a less confusing process for buying textbooks, access codes, and other necessary materials. What started as a platform for buying and selling textbooks later evolved into a website, PageLess, designed to help students find the best options and prices for textbooks, e-books, access codes, and more.

As a small business, Jacob has had the challenge of competing with big name brands and working towards making his name at the top of the list along with them. Buying and selling books is a saturated market with a lot of noise from competitors making it even more difficult for small startups to be seen and heard. Despite the challenges Jacob faces, he enjoys gradual progression and seeing how his business can improve from one year to the next. Most importantly, Jacob loves being able to give back to his community with what he has gained from his business.

Although an online business like PageLess is able to exist anywhere, Jacob continues to stay in Billings because it is a community full of prosperity. There are always people in Billings coming up with new and fresh ideas that keep this community moving forward. Jacob’s advice to those individuals that are considering sharing their new, fresh, forward-thinking idea is to start small and start with your true niche, something you know really well and are deeply passionate about.
For more information on PageLess, visit: https://pageless.us/