Get to know Riley Bennett, our EDA Board Chair


How long have you been with your current organization?

Coming up on 9 years.


What is something you are excited to be working on?

At work: The new Billings Limited Army Aviation Support Facility (BLAASF) project for the State of MT and the Army National Guard!

At BSED: Helping the BSED team continue to provide first-class services to community members in Yellowstone County and across the state through our diverse programs.


What influenced you to join the BSED Board of Directors?

Desire to be more involved in the community.


What excites you most about being part of BSED, AND how will you contribute to it?

The significance of “small-world” connections that are made as a result of face-to-face interactions with colleagues and community leaders.


What would you like Billings to accomplish in the next 5 years?

To maintain its small-town values through a more safe community environment, while maintaining its position as the dominant business leader in the State.