Going from BSED’s 2020 Intern to BSED’s Full Time Marketing Specialist!

We are thrilled to announce that Karli Baker, our 2020-2021 RMC Intern will be joining our team, full-time as our Marketing Specialist. She will report to the Director of Marketing and BillingsWorks!  Please join us in welcoming Karli to the BSED Team!


What town do you now call home? 

Billings, MT


Where did you grow up? 

Scobey, MT


Career background before joining the BSED team? 

I graduated in April of 2021 from Rocky Mountain College (Go Bears!) with a Bachelor of Science double major in Small Business Management and Communication Studies. I worked for BSED as a Marketing Intern from August 2020 to May 2021. In high school I was involved in Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America and served one year as the State Vice President. Additionally, I was in Business Professionals of America all four years of high school and one year of college where I won two national championships. I was involved in other various clubs and organizations, and was a cheerleader (Go Spartans!), that all allowed me to serve my community, my church, and my school, and explains my spirit and enthusiasm in (almost) everything I do.


What is something most people don’t know about you? 

I was an on-air personality and disc jockey for my hometown radio station for over 3 years. I am the youngest of 5 kids and we are all Rocky Mountain College alumni. I have played 9 different instruments for various performances throughout elementary, junior high, and high school, and I was in the RMC Concert Choir all four years of college.

What’s your favorite snack? 

Either fried green beans from Redneck Pizza or enchilada bites from Montana Brewing Company! I also have a weakness for veggie straws…


What was your first job?

A sales associate at TrueValue hardware store.


How do you prefer to start your day?

It sounds cliche, but with a cup of coffee. It can be in any size, shape, form, or flavor, and whether it’s from home or one of my favorite local shops here in Billings I always look forward to it and can’t start my day without it!

What led you to this career field?

I have always loved using my creativity in ways that can benefit others, and growing up in a small town showed me the importance of supporting the community I live in. With the combination of those passions, and my background in leadership, community involvement, and lots of time spent using and researching social media trends, my academic adviser at RMC suggested an internship at BSED as a great fit for me. In the middle of a global pandemic, a close friend of mine helped me make the connections to obtain an internship position, and I immediately fell in love with BSED as an organization. I have been given the opportunity to learn and grow with my creativity, communication skills, and overall professionalism, all while helping the Billings community continue to flourish. Encouragement, praise, lessons, and advice from my BSED teammates, professors, family, friends, mentors, and teachers has been valuable to me and shown me that I am most definitely on the right path!