Meet Our Newest Team Member – Ryan Walla!

Joining our Rock31 Team as the Community Manager is Ryan Walla.

He answered a few questions to help us get to know him, check them out below! Please join us in welcoming Ryan to the team!

What town do you now call home? 

B-town! The magic city! Montana’s trailhead! The one, the only, Billings!!!

Where did you grow up? 

I was born and raised in Billings before I went to the Fargo/Moorhead area for college. I moved back to Billings as fast as I could after realizing how much I missed my Billings roots!

Career background before joining the BSED team? 

I worked as a painting company entrepreneur, where I started and ran my own paint contracting business around the state. While I was doing that, I also worked as a college recruiter where I worked with students in high school deciding what their future held and helped these students to find the best fit to reach their college goals.

What is something most people don’t know about you? 

I can tie balloon animals, flowers and other interesting shapes and figures. I even preformed this live for my college’s “Man of the year competition.” (Yes, I made a corn cob for a college event, where our mascot was an ear of corn.) I love a challenge, so stop by Rock31 and give me your special balloon request!

What’s your favorite snack? 

A bowl of cereal! Always! I love a good bowl of Life cereal! You do have to let it sit for a couple minutes as well, it can’t be fresh out of the box crunchy hard, but also not too soggy like a piece of milk toast, with warm milk.

What was your first job?

I joke that baseball was always my first job, it took all my summer, and I wasn’t able to have another job through high school. My real first job was a team member of a local painting crew, around Billings. I was able to learn the tips and tricks of the trade before branching out to start my own painting business.

How do you prefer to start your day?

I don’t. I am such a night owl, I would prefer that the night never ends. Because of that my mornings are usually hitting the snooze on my alarm approximately 57 times, grumbling as I grab my first cup of coffee, and then showering which usually does the trick to turn me into my usual more bubbly, welcoming self.

What led you to this career field?

My desire to have more interactions with people and work with a dynamic staff and client base is what has led me here.

I also wanted to help others achieve their dreams, being able to be involved with the think tank atmosphere where I can lead and shape the futures of others, are all factors which brought me to Rock31, and the BSED team.