MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Mark Nitz – ClearSight Leadership & Strategy

Mark Nitz is the owner of ClearSight Leadership & Strategy. Mark and his team provide Organizational Development and Transformation, focusing on developing productivity through person-focused, human-centered business planning. They walk with clients through the challenges of change and transforming businesses to achieve new heights of value and productivity through Virtue-driven, human-focused capabilities and insights. They offer Change Management (Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner), Knowledge Management, Strategy Development, and ongoing Business and Leadership Development.

We asked Mark to answer a few questions to help us get to know him better.

What inspired you to start your own business and what was your biggest challenge? Inspiration came from my experiences with poor workplace culture and workplace bullying. Challenges are around every corner; the human element doesn’t need to be one of them. As a Philosopher, I find purpose and meaning in the human condition and center my organization’s Vision on Virtues and Human Values.Having struggled to find my way through the corporate cave and out into the open, taking several wrong turns and finding quite a few dead ends, I choose to venture back into the cave to help others make their way out and into the light.

What are some of the most important skills you’ve developed as a business owner? Communication and networking are not as difficult as some might think. Communicating clearly takes practice and focus; taking that focus to a new level with business relationships makes all the difference!

What is your best advice for someone starting a new business? Take your time and explore. The capabilities and business relationships don’t always appear immediately. Patience is a Virtue, and virtues create a base of success and fulfillment. Evaluate options, not just plans. Strategy isn’t a business buzzword, it’s the way to WIN!

What is most important to you about your business? The value brought to my business by the network of business relationships, clients, partners, and supporters!

Is there anything else you would like to mention about your business? ClearSight Leadership & Strategy is Veteran Owned & Operated so our capabilities, techniques, and insights are truly battle-tested and are effective under the most stressful conditions known to humankind.

If you’d like to know more about Mark Nitz and ClearSight Leadership & Strategy, check out their website at ClearSight Leadership & Strategy.