Steve Arveschoug Awarded Anthony J. Preite Champion of Economic Development Award at 2023 MEDA Fall Conference

This award recognizes a Montana Economic Developer Association member in honor of Anthony J. Preite, a native Montanan who devoted 50 years to local, state and federal development agencies in leadership roles, and is credited with significantly impacting Montana communities and her citizens.
This award is intended for a Montanan who has practiced economic development full-time who has significantly contributed to the profession, to the association, their economic development organization, and to the communities as a whole.

On behalf of our Big Sky Economic Development (BSED) team and board of directors, we enthusiastically nominate Steve Arveschoug for the prestigious, Anthony J Preite Champion of Economic Development award recognizing visionary leadership and innovative strategies. Over his remarkable 15-year tenure at Big Sky Economic Development, Steve’s unwavering commitment and transformative leadership have been instrumental in fostering economic growth, job creation, and prosperity in our community.

Steve’s impact extends far beyond statistics, as he deeply understands the connection between economic development and social well-being. His emphasis on sustainability, inclusivity, and community engagement has set a benchmark for others to follow, making our community a better place to live and work.

What truly sets Steve apart is his collaborative spirit, working tirelessly with various stakeholders to create a unified approach to economic development. His projects have spanned revitalization, education, industrial development, and more, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Steve’s dedication extends to his team at Big Sky Economic Development, where his leadership and advocacy are unwavering. His countless hours of hard work, late nights, and sacrifices have made our community and team better.

Furthermore, Steve’s decade-long service on the MEDA Board of Directors, including his role as the board’s chair, highlights his commitment to regional economic development. He has played a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of MEDA, guiding its efforts to foster prosperity in our state.

Steve’s visionary leadership also led to the creation of our Rock31 program, a coworking, incubator, and accelerator. Under his guidance, our organization renovated a historic bank building in downtown Billings, turning it into a thriving hub for entrepreneurs. This initiative impacts the lives of entrepreneurs daily, providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed.

In recognizing Steve, we express our gratitude for his values, empathy, and service that inspire us all to perform at a higher level. We confidently believe that Steve’s continued endeavors will lead to even greater successes, and we stand beside him in the pursuit of a brighter future for our community.