Why Big Sky Economic Development Could Be a Good Fit For You!

Sit down for a job interview with us and it’s a safe bet you’re going to get asked why you want to work for Big Sky Economic Development. So, I suppose it’s only fair we answer that same question.

Why Big Sky Economic Development Could Be a Good Fit For You!



If work that has purpose and meaning drives you, BSED is a great fit. One of my favorite things about BSED is the organization’s mission. Our work is purposeful and has a profound impact in our community. I love the passion our team has for the businesses in our community, and I love that I get to participate in creating a place where people want to live and work.



If you value your professional growth and development, then BSED is a good fit for you. We invest heavily in the professional development of our team. We value work that is challenging and helps us to thrive in our roles. We

also ensure team members have opportunities to learn and deepen their expertise in their respective fields. I have been amazed at the opportunities provided to me in my employment here. I often quip that I have gained 10 years of work experience despite only having a handful of years of service. And you know what, I’m not wrong.


If you value an employer who invests heavily in benefit offerings, then BSED is a good fit for you. BSED provides medical and dental coverage at no cost to the employee. We participate in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and make contributions that exceed most private employers. We also offer generous vacation and sick leave packages with no use-it-or-lose-it restrictions. I love that our benefit offerings reflect our culture to take care of our team.




If you are looking to be surrounded by inspirational people from whom you learn and grow every day, then BSED is the team for you! Hands down, my favorite part of working at BSED is the privilege to be part of this great team. I am constantly in awe of the work they do and the difference they make. As an added bonus, we enjoy being around each other. We’re prone to trivia games, friendly competitions, and jigsaw puzzles. It’s not uncommon to hear super entertaining banter, laughter, or even some singing outside your office door.

But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself! Connect with us on Facebook! Take a look inside our team’s day to day life here at BSED HERE!  #lifeatbsed #betteroffinbillings

Love your job again! Join us, and grow your career at BSED.