3 Reasons Billings is the Best Place for Your Business Expansion or Relocation

By: Allison Corbyn | Director of New Business Recruitment

#1. The right-sized pond (big fish, little fish, we’ve got you)

Billings is Montana’s City, but the population is still under 200,000 people. What does that mean for you? You matter. Weather you plan to create 10 or 1,000 jobs, the impact is felt by the community and we are here to support your success. Now you might be wondering, what does that support system look like? It is support in accessing state job creation grants, facilitating industry and supply chain connections, helping with relocation/trailing spouses, collateral for talent attraction, connections with elected officials at all levels (who will care, too), city permit navigation support, and so much more. You name it, we are here to partner for your success.

#2. No sales tax, and other taxes are headed in the right direction

In Montana, we proudly have no sales tax which helps your bottom line. In addition, our current Governor was a businessman himself and is dedicated to improving the business climate of Montana. In this legislative session, we expect personal income and business equipment taxes to drop, making it even easier to be in the black. Our property tax is also in line with what you would expect in the mountain west – and there is commitment on the local level to abate those taxes if you are a primary sector business, creating jobs, and bringing outside money into our state.



#3. We know how to work

Have you ever heard of the Montana work ethic? Its alive and well here in Billings. As the largest community in the state we attract countless workers from throughout Montana – who want to be in the City but bring their commitment and ethic with them. Even if your workforce needs are not an exact match today for the skills you need, we know how to partner with our colleges to secure the competencies your business requires.

Ethic + Skills = Success