International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Accreditation

By: Steve Arveschoug | Executive Director

International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Accreditation: Why it Matters 


For every business and organization, it is important that the team and leadership stay up to speed on the latest industry trends and maintain their status as “subject matter experts” (SMEs) in their field of practice. This continuous-learning endeavor keeps the business or organization relevant to changing times and assures their clients and constituents they know “what the heck they’re talking about.” Out of this work to stay relevant, they develop a set of “best practice” that are then recognized as the standard for exceptional work. It becomes a credential of sorts that tells everyone— “these people know what they are doing.”

Did you know that Big Sky Economic Development is one of these “best practices/standard of excellence” organizations? BSED is accredited by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) as one of 65 economic development organizations internationally to be an accredited economic development organization (AEDO). This designation means that we have committed ourselves to perform at a high level, meeting or exceeding industry standards. So, when you work with the team at BSED, know that we strive to be among the best, that we are continuously learning our trade so that we can serve the community at the highest possible level.

When you see AEDO on our website or letterhead, know that that means we care deeply about doing our best as measured against the best in the nation.

Learn more about the AEDO Accreditation here!