BSED Impact Bus Tour 2022 Recap

Big Sky Economic Development hosted their second annual BSED Impact Bus Tour. This bus tour is planned with BSED team members and board members. The goal of the bus tour is to showcase to the BSED board, Member Investors, and Key Stakeholders some of the strategic priority the BSED Team is working. In addition, highlighting projects around the community the BSED team and the services they provide have had an impact on.

This year the bus tour encompassed a drive through the EBURD, a tour at the future Rimrock Foundation location, a drive up airport road and through the airport to talk about the airport expansion. A drive by Blane’s Flying service to showcase their work and the expansion they are investing in, a chat with the Mayor at the top of Zimmerman about the Inner Belt Loop and Skyline Trail. The bus tour continued down Zimmerman trail to Shiloh Road to Rocky Vista University, which included a tour of their new campus, followed by a conversation with SCL Health/Intermountain about their new location right by RVU-MCOM. Following this tour the group got back onto the bus, drove by the newly opened Meadowlark Brewing to the future home of Coca-Cola High County Manufacturing and Distribution Center for a tour provided by Dick Anderson Construction, the contractors of the project.

The tour ended with a lunch at the BSED building and a conversation around Housing.

To learn more about this tour, the topics, the locations, and the housing conversation contact Director of Development, Patrick Klugman. 

Check out more pictures from the tour here!