Statement of Support Billings – Public Safety Mill Levy

The Board of Directors of Big Sky Economic Development (BSED), both the Economic Development Authority (EDA) and the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) voted unanimously to endorse the City of Billings’ public safety mill levy.


While BSED is focused on the supporting the expansion of existing businesses, fostering entrepreneurship, the recruitment of new businesses, and the development of our community’s infrastructure and amenities, we understand how essential public safety is to all this work. We must provide a safe community for businesses to thrive. Public safety is also fundamental to the retention and attraction of our future workforce, and workforce drives our economic future.


BSED Board recognizes the importance of this mill levy in meeting essential safety and law enforcement needs in our growing community. The funding provided through this mill levy will increase the number of police officers on the street, adds to the law enforcement and judicial system, and commits resources to mental health/substance abuse programming, all of which works together to keep our community a safe and healthy place.


Your thoughtful consideration and support of the Public Safety mill levy will make a positive impact on our economic future and our ability to sustain our community’s growth and wellbeing.


Learn more about the 2021 Public Safety Mill Levy HERE!