Women on the Rise | Women Entrepreneur Series | Montana

Training Series Description: 

This course is not about just the nuts and bolts of starting a business, it is conversations about relationships, and conflict, fear and success, it’s about staying sane, while achieving your dreams.

The workshop series will have conversations about being a female entrepreneur from other female entrepreneurs, each telling their story. It will also go through tips and skills for living life as an entrepreneur. The goal is to increase the confidence and resiliency of female entrepreneurs as they are going through their journey as a business owner.


In Partnership with Karen Grosz:

Karen Grosz has been described as a dynamo and a catalyst for change.  Growing up near Mt. Rushmore gave Karen a passion for high ideals, living in Alaska for 25 years, and now Montana, have given Karen a frontier spirit full of can-do, will-do and let’s-do-it-together energy.

Deciding early on that she wanted learning and adventure, Karen has lived her life as a series of Nexts, each experience growing into the next.  This philosophy is the inspiration for her book, speeches and workshops, “What’s Next?”
Karen owns Canvas Creek Team Building and Coaching, is a Rotarian and RYLA Director, an active Chamber of Commerce member, a Boys and Girls Club board member, founder of “I’ll Help”, founding member of 100 Strong, and recipient of the Governor’s Volunteerism award.
Mission statement – “My mission is to inspire others to be their best, to try the next thing, to know that they are worth every effort it takes to live their Next.”

February 3rd | I Work For a Real Nut, But at Least I’m Self-Employed | REGISTER 
February 10th | When You Say “Sign Here”, I Smell Real Trouble! | REGISTER 
February 17th | It’s Okay to be Thrifty, But Not with Your Prices! | REGISTER 
February 24th | I’m Not Babysitting Honey, It’s Called Parenting | REGISTER 
March 3rd | Getting Attention Without Doing a Tap Dance On Their Desk | REGISTER
March 10th | Sure, The Little Engine Could, But I Don’t Know if I Have Enough Steam to do This | REGISTER 
March 17th | My Kids Ignore Me, and You Think I Should Have Employees? | REGISTER 
March 24th | I Keep Asking Myself “What’s Next” And It Looks Like This | REGISTER
March 31st | Let’s Be Honest | REGISTER