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Workforce Revolution: Reimagining the Way Billings Works

Dec 21, 2021

Workforce Revolution: Reimagining the Way BillingsWorks

Billings is experiencing extreme workforce challenges. The labor market is undergoing structural, worker-driven changes causing major worker shortages in organizations. It is crucial for employers to understand the market trends to best respond to ensure a strong local workforce.

It is time to reimagine the way Billings works.

Spark the revolution in your own organization and make changes at the basic level to create a strong foundation for future success; be a talent incubator for your employees and create the best possible experience for them; and broaden your lens when searching for talent – your best employees may be beyond your current scope.



January 25th | Spark the Revolution in Your Organization | REGISTER 

Spark your own revolution and begin reimagining how the essential components of your organization could reach their highest potential.

Spark your own revolution and begin reimagining how the essential components of your organization could reach their highest potential. Hear from local business leaders about changes they have made that revolutionized the way they work, the way their employees work, and the way their business excels. Be inspired to ignite the ideas and processes at the basic level of your organization to ensure success and sustainability.


February 23rd | Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast | REGISTER 

Revolutionize your company culture! Learn how culture & strategy work together in business to best accomplish your goals.

The culture of your company determines success, regardless of how effective your strategy may be. Hear from subject matter experts on cultural best practices they have implemented in their organizations to achieve business success.

Enhance employee experience, embrace flexibility, incorporate upskilling, and staff for resilience!

Gain insight on what drives talent relocation and how to best leverage it in your organization.



March 23rd | Do You See Me? | REGISTER 

What lens are you looking through to recruit talent into your organization? Do you see the needle in the haystack? There are organizations here in our community that work with a diverse group of, what could be your now and future workforce! “These organizations work with individuals in our home force at a variety of life stages and education levels from exposing them to STEM careers in elementary school, to guiding them through workforce re-entry processes, to connecting them to apprenticeship opportunities that give them the skills to get them one step closer to their career goal.

This session will be interactive. Our goal is to connect YOU to these different organizations and groups that YOUR organization can get connected with to fill current positions you have AND to build a stable pipeline for the future of your organization.

Joining us for this session:

  • School District 2
  • STEM Yellowstone
  • Reach Higher Montana
  • Boys & Girls Club of Yellowstone County
  • Veterans Navigation Network
  • HRDC
  • Job Service
  • MSUB
  • RMC