Rock31 Member Spotlight: Ben Morone, VA Tasks

Ben is the owner and founder of VA Tasks, a company that matches businesses and companies looking for virtual assistance with virtual assistants looking for work!

Before starting his own business, Ben was working in a remote sales role for a consulting company in Miami, Florida. It wasn’t long, however, until Ben realized he had a spark inside him to create his own virtual assistance company. He had always had an interest in efficiency and had seen similar companies struggle to deliver this service with speed and care. Seeing that the business model was proven, he know that it would be possible to grow this company quickly.

“When I first started my company I was extremely burnt out from my old sales role. I had been making hundreds of cold calls each day and felt time slipping away. There was a specific day while I was in Sofia, Bulgaria when I realized that my actions were not aligning with my future goals. If I didn’t leave my job at that moment I would just keep getting promotions and never actually start my company. There was this crucial moment that I think about almost every week.”

Ben had played around with the idea of VA Tasks while in Europe and when he got back to the US in August 2022 he began taking a few steps toward starting his business. He had been preparing to leave his job for several months and used that time to save capital to give him some flexibility while revenues were low in the beginning. “I would not suggest starting a business unless you have 6 months or more of expenses stacked up. It gives you peace of mind and your decisions are clear and calculated.”

Ben was one of the original Rock31 Members when the Coworking Space opened in September of 2022. Through his months at Rock31 his business saw steady growth and accelerated through the new year. Because of the great success that Ben’s business has seen, he was able to move his business out of Rock31 and was the first member to graduate out of our entrepreneur center!

While at Rock31 Ben was most excited about “the ability to bump elbows with people who are actively moving the needle forward in Billings and the surrounding areas. There’s an awesome community that all work hard and share advice and tactics on how to grow your business.”

Just for fun, we asked Ben a few additional questions to help get to know him better:

What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of the office?
“Due to my hiring in the Ukraine, I have an interest in Slavic languages and am now learning a few.”

What is the best book you have ever read?
“Meditations by Marcus Aurelius”

A genie grants you the ability to have an infinite amount of one item. What is it?
“Great virtual assistants who need jobs!”

You can learn more about VA Tasks by visiting, and follow along with where Ben is off to next by following him on Twitter at benjaminmorone